All about Forex trading

Forex tradingMany today know or at least heard about what you can earn on the sale of the shares. And this opportunity is available to almost everyone, because there is actively developing Internet-trading. What is it and how will help to make the ordinary person infinitely far from the financial sector? In a General sense, trading is trading, and trader is called dealing with her face. In our case under the trading understand the bidding organized by the professional markets, which traded (traded) certain instruments — stocks, bonds, futures contracts or currency.

Who are Forex trader

Traders referred to as trading in the market of professionals and Amateurs. The first group includes employees of brokerage and investment companies, banks, dealing centers. It is the people for whom trading is a job. The second group of trader Forex is numerous and very motley army of traders is self-taught, although some “advanced” lovers a little different from the professionals. Some traders trade securities on the exchange, other international currency in the OTC FOREX market. Due to legal peculiarities, mechanism of the organization of trading, the stock exchange for beginners is much safer.

It is believed that the market succeed only 5% of newcomers. Others lose their capital and leave the trade permanently or temporarily. What is the reason for their defeat? Most often it is the lack of understanding of the psychology of market trade and haphazard disregard for the basic rules. Very few beginners understand that a decisive factor in the market is discipline. Experienced stock traders say that the success is based almost exclusively on the ability to control their emotions and think “cool” head.

Trader Forex: reviews — to trust or not?

On the Internet you can find many “success stories” of novice traders, who quickly made a fortune. In particular, this applies to FOREX trading. Such statements should be treated with caution. They are most often advertising dealing centers, which are trying to attract new customers. In any case, before you start trading with a broker, be sure to check the information.

To help you choose a reliable Forex trader will help criteria such as:

  • Age – if your broker is on the market for more than three to five years, then this factor indicates the absence of deception, because people will not trust the broker for so many years without a good reason.
  • The number of active traders – check this option in various ways, including the number of subscribers in social networks.
  • Guarantees protection of your funds and the availability of training and support – reputable companies provide their customers with the necessary and even more.

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